The importance of going deep

The importance of going deep

The term being a Stackoverflow-, copy&paste- or auto-complete-developer is nothing new. But even if this is frowned upon in our industry, we all do it.

But there is a underlaying problem.

Today there is a large focus on pushing out features, and time-to-market, not just leading to technical debt and bad code, it also just gives us developer only time to focus on the business logic. The pace of the information flow and the fear of being overrun by the competition is the fuel for creating a gap between trying to understand things much deeper or just take the easy way and copy&paste from stackoverflow.

Of course, you can always argue the focusing on the business is what makes the company go round, but that might be true in the short term. In the long term I believe a solid understanding of both business and technology is more benefitial.

There is a great need for us developer to be given the time to really understand and take advantage of the language, framework or other tools that we use in our daily life. Today, we usually have to do that on our spare time, if we even have the possibility to do that (because of personal life outside work).

One of the reason I started this blog, was to force myself to go deeper, and at least once a week study something more in depth.

Of course, this is not really just an issue for us developer, the same problem are seen everywhere in the society. People just reading the headlines of articles, and not really analyzing or checking if the information is true or sounds reasonable.

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