A blowback

A blowback

Last year I started my company and what I though was going to be a great new journey in my life, but how wrong I was. But it thought me a lesson and started something I hope will be even greater.

My developer career started in 2004, after I graduated from the university (Halmstad University) and I got my first full-time job as a database developer. I was one of the top students in my class,  and my passion and ambitiousness continued in my career. Since very young I have always been interested in computers and programming, the benefit of having a father that worked in the same business, and started quite early to program (assembler and Turbo Pascal). This passion for technology and computers have always been a driving factor for me, and for me being a developer has never been an 9-5 job.  There has always been nights and weekends spend on different hobby projects, which most has stayed at hobby level. And at work I have been one of the driving developers, always trying to improve the technology stack and they way we work. I have always gotten appreciation from my colleges and bosses, and been considered as one of the leading developers. This has lead me to positions as architect and lead developers.

So, last year I thought it was time to stand on my own legs, it was a natural step and because I was good at what I was doing, it was going to be easy to start my own company as a consultant. It started quite well, I landed my first client and had a contract for 6 months. This was going to be easy! But how wrong I was. My contract got terminated my first month, due to budget cut down, but since I’m such a great developer, this shouldn’t be a problem, or? After 2 months without any new contract, I started to realize that this was not as easy as I hoped. I applied for several positions, but nothing happen, no new clients. My confidence went down and I realized I had to put my dream aside to become my own boss.

But the light in the tunnel, was that instead of continue as a contractor, I took employment at a great consultant company One Agency. They seemed like a great bunch of people, and they really was. In the start of my employment, I was send to a introduction meeting, where I started to realize what had gone wrong with my attempt to be a contractor. It was during a talk about how to set and realize goals, I started to think of my own goal. When I started my company, one of the main goals was to be able to take contracts that I would feel very passionate about, I just first had to do some dog years first and then I would have the reputation as a great contractor. During that talk, I set the same goal, I’m going to be a great, if not the greatest, consultant in the region, hey why not in Sweden. But how do I achieve that? Well, I realized that being  a great developer is not enough, something else was missing. That was when I started to follow John Sonmez, and his blog at Simple Programmer, I bought his courses and I have now started to marketing myself as a developer. 

The first step is to start this blog, as part of the course at https://simpleprogrammer.com/lp/create-your-blog-1.

I will keep you updated on how my marketing is going, I will measure the progress by keeping track of number of visits I have on my linkedin profile and the number of hits on my blog.


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